Special thanks to those who helped with LiLiA!

Carol Krishnaswami for answering the call, for her unending love, 
support and dedication.

Gary Austin for his inspiration as a teacher and for directing early works-
in-progresss versions of the show for Artistic New Directions.  More 
about Gary.

Gabriel Barre for his generous and skilled direction of some of the later 
versions of the show.

Carol Fox Prescott for her love, insight and vast wisdom as an acting 
coach, teacher and friend, and for her infectious passion for theatre 
and humanity.  More about Carol.

Neil Ritchie and Ronald Rand for their generous efforts toward the 
forward movement of this show.  

The Steckler Family for their generous contribution to the continued development of this show.

Many additional thanks to:  Kim Stapff, Claremont Fan Court School, The Austrian Cultural Forum London, Andrea Reese, Kara Tyler, Kim Braun, Colette Black, Prof. Brigitte Georgi-Findlay, Prof. Susanne Schötz, Laura Park, Matthias Franke, TU Dresden, Tobias Krechel, Hannah Stoffer, die bühne - das theater der tu, Keti Dolidze, GIFT Festival, Ron Reed, Ian Farthing, Julie Sutherland, Rebecca deBoer, Dan Amos, Steve Waldschmidt, Graham Bedwell, Mell Schoening, Pacific Theatre, Dawson Moore, Douglas A. Desorcie, The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs, Betty Everett, The Willows, Lillian Britain, Deborah Smith, Todd McNerney, Sabra Jones, Malcolm Sturchio, D.C. Rosenberg, Mirror Repertory Company, Nike Imoru, Kate Vander Wende, Spokane Interplayers, Merrily Kimbrough, Dwight Oyer, Jeanette Smith, Molly LyonsCape Cod Theatre ProjectGregg GoldstonArtistic New DirectionsKristine NivenJeffrey SweetRichard MorseThe Greenwood Studio, Cynthia Ann Thomas, Timothy Haskell at Publicity Outfitters, Doug Miner, Mart Hulswit, The Episcopal Actors Guild, Hideaki Tsutsui, Thomas A. Crowell, Gerald Rosenberg, Nina Maynard, Kim Shippey, Jean Burgdorff, Jonathan Fuchs, Judd Hollander, Michael K. Berelson, Jason Jay Rainone, Emily and Aaron Hull, Mary and Martin Skala, Adam Hocherman, Grace Polk, Midge and John Cuthbertson, Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity, Heather Zurlo, Chet Manchester, Beth Johnson, Hitesh Hathi, Amy MacDonald, James Albins, Stephen Danzansky, Mel and Kristiann Schoening, Joe Franklin, Andy and Rebecca Weber, Ward Morehouse, Jim Beckerman, Benita Zahn, Marianne Potter, Byron Nilsson, Steven Yuhasz, Metroland, Greg Bobbitt, William Lipscomb, SmartTix, Sandra Thomas, Thomas Bartlett, Kathy and George Shuff, Alison and Grant Minnes, Joy Alison Bristow, George Cooke, PACE, Kim Browning, Michaele Hymes, Jocelyn Owens, Betsie Andrews, Lana Cooper, Benjamin Hardy, Bonnie and John Demaree, Genesee House, Amy Marschak, The Barkwells, William Scott, Michelle Groves, The Sande Shurin Theatre, Mara Purl, "Push-and-Shove," Gretchen Ludwig, Dorin Seymour, Claudia Gross, Sherry Gruen, Brady Leet, Dan Hansell, Sister Mary Pius, Daughters of Mary of the Immaculate Conception, The Darien Arts Center.
Libby & Lilia Skala by G. Polk

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